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Thursday, September 21, 2017


Research reveals that God's creation is scientifically accurate.The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.- Psalm 14:1

Research reveals that God's creation is scientifically accurate.The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.- Psalm 14:1

Does Science Agree With the Bible?

Yes, for although the Bible is not a science textbook, it is accurate when it mentions matters of science. Consider some examples showing that science and the Bible agree and that the Bible contains scientific facts that differed greatly from the beliefs of many people living at the time it was written.

The universe had a beginning. (Genesis 1:1) In contrast, many ancient myths describe the universe, not as being created, but as being organized from existing chaos. The Babylonians believed that the gods that gave birth to the universe came from two oceans. Other legends say that the universe came from a giant egg.

The universe is governed day-to-day by rational natural laws, not by the whims of deities. (Job 38:33; Jeremiah 33:25) Myths from around the world teach that humans are helpless before the unpredictable and sometimes merciless acts of the gods.

The earth is suspended in empty space. (Job 26:7) Many ancient peoples believed that the world was a flat disk supported by a giant or an animal, such as a buffalo or a turtle.

Rivers and springs are fed by water that has evaporated from the oceans and other sources and then has fallen back to earth as rain, snow, or hail. (Job 36:27, 28; Ecclesiastes 1:7; Isaiah 55:10; Amos 9:6) The ancient Greeks thought that rivers were fed by underground ocean water, and this idea persisted into the 18th century.

The mountains rise and fall, and today’s mountains were once under the ocean. (Psalm 104:6, 8) In contrast, several myths say that the mountains were created in their current form by the gods.

Sanitary practices protect health. The Law given to the nation of Israel included regulations for washing after touching a dead body, quarantining those with infectious disease, and disposing of human waste safely. (Leviticus 11:28; 13:1-5; Deuteronomy 23:13) By contrast, one of the Egyptian remedies in use when these commands were given called for applying to an open wound a mixture that included human excrement.

Are there scientific errors in the Bible?

A reasonable examination of the Bible shows the answer to be no. Here are some common misconceptions about the scientific accuracy of the Bible:

Myth: The Bible says that the universe was created in six 24-hour days.

Fact: According to the Bible, God created the universe in the indefinite past. (Genesis 1:1) Also, the days of creation described in chapter 1 of Genesis were epochs whose length is not specified. In fact, the entire period during which earth and heaven were made is also called a “day.”—Genesis 2:4.

Myth: The Bible says that vegetation was created before the sun existed to support photosynthesis.—Genesis 1:11, 16.

Fact: The Bible shows that the sun, one of the stars that make up “the heavens,” was created before vegetation. (Genesis 1:1) Diffused light from the sun reached the earth’s surface during the first “day,” or epoch, of creation. As the atmosphere cleared, by the third “day” of creation, the light was strong enough to support photosynthesis. (Genesis 1:3-5, 12, 13) Only later did the sun become distinctly visible from the surface of the earth.—Genesis 1:16.

Myth: The Bible says that the sun revolves around the earth.

Fact: Ecclesiastes 1:5 says: “The sun rises, and the sun sets; then it hurries back to the place where it rises again.” However, this statement merely describes the apparent motion of the sun as viewed from the earth. Even today, a person can use the words “sunrise” and “sunset,” yet he knows that the earth revolves around the sun.

Myth: The Bible says that the earth is flat.

Fact: The Bible uses the phrase “the ends of the earth” to mean “the most distant part of the earth”; this does not imply that the earth is flat or that it has an edge. (Acts 1:8; footnote) Likewise, the expression “the four corners of the earth” is a figure of speech referring to the entire surface of the earth; today a person might use the four points of the compass as a similar metaphor.—Isaiah 11:12; Luke 13:29.

Myth: The Bible says that the circumference of a circle is exactly three times its diameter, but the correct value is pi (π), or about 3.1416.

Fact: The measurements of “the Sea of cast metal” given at 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chronicles 4:2 indicate that it had a diameter of 10 cubits and that “it took a measuring line 30 cubits long to encircle it.” These dimensions might have been merely the nearest round numbers. It is also possible that the circumference and diameter represented inner and outer measurements of the basin respectively.

Source: JW.ORG


It's an embarrassment to many people to mention God's name but do you know that a small dose of association with God can you give the utmost satisfaction you've never experienced in your life?

Don't be deceived by people or pagans that claim there is no God. They know that God exists but the fact that they don't want to live according to the principles of the Bible and want their own way, they proclaim there is no God.

They will try to convince you that the Red Sea was shallow the reason the Israelites crossed it. Just tell them that "Oh yes, it was shallow but it swallowed the entire Egyptian army going after the Israelites." 

The satan is like a roaring lion looking for desperate and frustrated souls to devour. Don't allow it because your mystery is someone's happiness and profit.

Be a responsible parent and educate your children to believe and have faith in God. That alone can inspire them to leave behind their suicidal tendencies in this troubled world. 

God loves to give his children the gift of “the full assurance of faith” (Hebrews 10:22). It is a precious thing, so make good use of it to overcome the world’s pressures and temptations.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


A private security guard helps a terrorism victim outside a metro station in Brussels

A private security guard helps a terrorism victim outside a metro station in Brussels

Seven Belgian entrepreneurs were denied entry to the U.S. last week because of their links to the Brussels neighborhood that has become synonymous with radical Islamism, it has been claimed.

The 14-strong team from digital startup MolenGeek, a play on the name of the west Brussels area of Molenbeek, was set to travel to the U.S. to hold meetings with Facebook, Google, and Twitter in Silicon Valley, as well as U.N. officials at their headquarters in New York City.

But half the team members were denied travel authorizations, forcing them to apply for emergency visas to try to make it to the U.S. in time. The seven members who were permitted to travel stayed behind with their seven colleagues. Each member was left with $3,577 in cancellation costs. 

Ibrahim Ouassari, co-founder of MolenGeek, told Belgian daily newspaper La Libre Belgique that he and the team believe it is their ties to the suburb that caused the refusal of entry.

"People have preconceived ideas about Molenbeek," he said. "I find it really hard to believe that what happened was a mere coincidence."

The State Department and the Department of Homeland Security did not respond to a request for comment. European citizens must obtain electronic system travel authorizations (ESTAs) before they head for American soil.

All team members but one were eventually allowed to travel to the U.S. after Belgian diplomats stepped in. One member was on a travel blacklist.

"Everything is in order, the #MolenGeek team will be able to travel to the U.S. Bon voyage!" Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders tweeted.

But for Ouassari and the MolenGeek team, the U.S. denial sent a message. "People are extremely frustrated and disappointed. What happened obviously awakens old ghosts," he said. 

"It has made Molenbeek locals remember something they have been striving to forget: the fact that they will always be seen as outsiders."

Molenbeek, a predominantly Muslim area of west Brussels that hosts almost 100,000 people, has been connected with radical Islamist activity since the worst attack in Europe by the Islamic State group, the coordinated shooting and suicide bomb assaults on different locations in Paris that left 130 people dead on November 13, 2015.

At least two members of the ISIS cell, Belgian brothers of Moroccan descent Brahim and Salah Abdeslam, were from Molenbeek. Salah decided against going through with the attack before the cell activated; he fled across the French-Belgian border, leading to a four-month manhunt. Belgian forces eventually found him in a raid near his family home in Molenbeek in March 2016.

Also from Molenbeek is Mohamed Abrini, Abdeslam's friend, who was seen at Brussels airport in a bucket hat before a double suicide bombing there, which happened on the same morning as another suicide bombing at the city's Maalbeek subway station. The ISIS-claimed attacks left 32 people dead.

Belgium was at one point the biggest exporter of jihad per capita to Iraq and Syria, with 190 nationals fighting for radical Islamist groups in the Middle East as of 2015. Of those, 101 were from Brussels, according to researchers. Before the near-fall of ISIS's self-proclaimed caliphate, Molenbeek had the highest concentration of foreign fighters in Europe.



It can take thousands of years to build up a good reputation but only one big mistake will ruin all the good works that have been built. Unfortunately, the history of Belgium, in regard to Africa, immigrants, and poor integration, have tainted the image of the country beyond remedy. 

Surprisingly, they are not prepared to change or be a new leaf.

The entrepreneurs who were denied entry to the U.S don't deserve this but it happened because of the political system of Belgium, which is like a country that supports terrorism and crime. 

So many countries committed crimes during the first and second World Wars, in the time of slavery, during the time of colonialism and Apartheid. Some of these countries didn't only show remorse for the wrong they did but apologized and destroyed every monument supporting such crimes.

For example, the Germans made sure that streets named after Adolf Hitler were changed. All symbols and artifacts of Nazis were banned. The fact that he killed over six million Jews, and committed other heinous crimes, the German government made sure that no statue erected in his name.

And recently, based on concerns for the public safety of the citizens of the United States of America, many Confederate memorials in the cities and towns were either removed or replaced.

Therefore, how do you expect the US government to treat the Belgian entrepreneurs if the Belgium government and the royal family are worshipping the statue of Leopold II, a king who killed over 10 million Africans, including women and children? It's completely insane to build the statue of someone who committed such a grave crime but the Belgian government did.

Last year, a letter denouncing this senseless statue was sent to the Belgian Royal family, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel, to consider breaking down the statue because it portrays Belgium as a barbaric uncivilized country and we received a response from the Prime Minister but nothing has been done so far.

Will you then blame the US government for denying those entrepreneurs entry to the US? Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy and let your words and deeds be clean and they will reflect on you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


President Trump, addressing the General Assembly, called the Iran nuclear deal “an embarrassment.”Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

President Trump, addressing the General Assembly, called the Iran nuclear deal “an embarrassment.”Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Leaders from around the globe took the lectern at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, a particularly big moment for President Trump, who addressed the gathering for the first time.

In his speech, Mr. Trump vowed to “totally destroy” North Korea if it threatened the United States or its allies. “If the righteous many don’t confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph,” he said.

He also called Iran a “rogue nation” and said the United States was “prepared to take further action” on Venezuela.

President Emmanuel Macron of France countered those remarks in his own address, saying that the nuclear deal with Iran was “essential for peace” and that his country would “not close any door to dialogue” with North Korea.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel agreed with Mr. Trump’s assessment of Iran, however, saying, “Imagine the danger of hundreds of nuclear weapons in the reins of a vast Iranian empire, with the missiles to deliver them anywhere on Earth.”

Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea.

If the United States is forced to defend itself or its allies, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” President Trump said in his address to the General Assembly.

He denounced North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-un, saying the nation “threatens the entire world with the unthinkable loss of life” as a result of its nuclear weapons program.

“If the righteous many don’t confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump emphasized that it was against the interest of the entire world for North Korea — which he called a “band of criminals” — to obtain missiles and nuclear weapons. “Rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself,” he said of Mr. Kim.

Mr. Trump accused Mr. Kim of overseeing a regime that has starved its people, brutalized an imprisoned American college student who was returned home in a coma and assassinated Mr. Kim’s older brother, a potential rival, with poison chemicals.

“If this is not twisted enough, now North Korea’s reckless pursuit of missiles and nuclear weapons threatens the entire world,” Mr. Trump said.

While he thanked Russia and China for supporting recent United Nations sanctions on North Korea, Mr. Trump also took an indirect swipe at them for continuing to do business with Mr. Kim.

“It is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with such a regime but would arm, supply and financially support a country that imperils the world,” Mr. Trump said.

The president said that America would act alone if needed. He emphasized an “America first” agenda, and said that while the United States would “forever be a great friend to the world and especially to its allies,” his primary responsibility was to Americans.

“As president, I will always put America first, just like you as the leaders of your countries will always — and should always — put your countries first,” he said.

Trump denounces Iran as a ‘rogue nation.’

After condemning North Korea, Mr. Trump pivoted to the next “rogue nation” — Iran.

He called the Iran nuclear deal “an embarrassment” that is “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.”

Mr. Trump has long portrayed Iran as a sponsor of terrorism and has suggested that the United States may abandon the 2015 deal negotiated by the Obama administration and five other major powers that limited Iran’s nuclear activities. 

So far Mr. Trump has grudgingly accepted the nuclear agreement despite having described it as a disgrace.

“It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran’s government end its pursuit of death and destruction,” he said.

The world’s nuclear inspectors recently declared that they had found no evidence that Iran is breaching the agreement. A meeting of the parties that negotiated the deal with Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States will take place on the sidelines of the General Assembly on Wednesday.

“The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy,” Mr. Trump told the United Nations on Tuesday. 

“It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.”

Mr. Trump also called on the Iranian authorities to free the American citizens being held in Iranian prisons. At least four are incarcerated, and a fifth has been missing for a decade.

Source: The New York Times

Editorial: Opinion of the writers of this blog

The world is corrupt like the leaders who rule them. There is no truth in whatever they do, thus; their efforts in solving crisis always end up in a disaster. 

You can't call someone a thief while you are also a thief. Why is Trump calling North Korea and Iran rogue nations if America is a world-class rogue nation?

One of the issues which have led to the disgrace and the gradual collapsing of America is the clandestine crimes they cover up. If America is sincere, Trump will not lash out at North Korea and Iran calling them rogue nations.

The two countries aren't responsible for Aids and Ebola which have destroyed the world and especially Aids, still on the path of destruction, yet nobody wants to talk about them because they are medical crimes committed by man (America).

Why is the North Korea and Iran pursuing nuclear weapon ambitions? Because they have witnessed the American government killing innocent people with bio-weapons and chemicals and therefore, wouldn't sit quietly to wait for it to happen to them.

They have seen the American government invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc, killing its citizens, including women and children. If the whole world has the means they will pursue ballistic missile programs to deal with America, a typical rogue nation.

If the truth is acknowledged first in every undertaking and efforts in dealing with world crisis we shall see the best part of the world in everything but rather evil, lies and hypocrisy reign supreme.

It's a total disgrace and embarrassment for world leaders to waste their precious time at the United Nations General Assembly because at the end nothing significant will be achieved.