title> Secrets of Aids Of Aids Ebola Zika and other man-made diseases 'description'/>”description” content=”Analysis of latest health news and reliable information on Aids, Ebola, Zika virus, the origins of man-made and the deliberate spread of diseases SECRETS OF AIDS, EBOLA, ZIKA VIRUS, AND OTHER MAN-MADE DISEASES: DEDICATED TO VICTIMS OF BIO-WEAPONS: HIV/AIDS, EBOLA, NODDING SYNDROME, ZIKA AND OTHER MAN-MADE DISEASES


Medical crime in Africa

We used certain images of victims of bio-weapons, including this beautiful girl to make the header of this blog. We love them and want the world to see what the dark heart of a man can lead him to do against innocent people like her. 

Dedicated to victims of bio-weapons HIV/Aids, Ebola etc

Aids, Ebola, Lassa Fever and Zika virus are all man-made diseases engineered from the laboratories as bio-weapons. Why are they bio-weapons to depopulate a particular race? Some people may like to know. Because it is one of the ways of curbing global overpopulation.

The World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates and countries such as Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, America etc, are all involved in carrying out such sinister programs which have taken thousands of innocent people to their untimely grave.

On July 1, 2016, after meeting in Holland, the Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen and Belgian freelance journalist and author, Joel Savage, decided to make this blog and give the right information about those diseases to the public since the true information is being suppressed.

Today, July 15, 2016, after speaking on the phone, we came to the conclusion of dedicating this blog which has instantly become readers' choice to the victims of those who have been callously murdered and disfigured by those deadly bio-weapons.

We therefore officially dedicate this website to the victims and their loved ones that have been emotionally and psychologically scarred for life. 

Scientist Johan Van Dongen will take the opportunity to use this platform: "A challenge to all the top scientists, politicians, and health officials, prove me wrong if Aids, Ebola, Lassa Fever, Zika etc, aren't bio-weapons." 

We thank all the readers who have been visiting and revisiting this blog since it was officially launched two weeks ago. Without you, there wouldn't be any motivation and inspiration to continue posting any article. Once again, thank you.

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